About Us was founded in 2020 by a community of passionate ecommerce entrepreneurs with decades of experience selling online. Evend strives to offer unique purchasing opportunities of hard to find, retired or exclusive products sold directly by us and our Marketplace partners (no dropshipping here). We pride ourselves on quality product selection, international servicing, excellent packaging and attention to customers desires. With fulfillment centers in Virginia and California we expeditiously service our customers across the United States and beyond. We only sell items that are in hand and ready to ship, and we package them with the care we’d hope to see when placing our own orders online. We thrive off our customers satisfaction and suggestions and love hearing from you. If you have any questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints please reach out directly to us at All questions, suggestions or complaints are monitored by our attentive customer care associates, and compiled into reports that are sent directly to our leadership team. We truly do care about each and every one of our customers, suppliers, team members and partners, we hope to offer a level of individuality rarely found in the ecommerce industry these days. 


Thank you for reading more about our operation and we hope to continue to serve you. 

P.S. if there are any specific products you’d like to see us carry on a consistent basis please email us at to suggest them! 

Thank you ~ the Evend team.